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I'm back (both on the road and on the keyboard!)

Wow! I realized I haven't been writing about my road runs! Geesh, sorry; I've been busy for the past month. I just had my birthday (I'm 31!), a part-time online job (check my 2-part story here), books to read (two books arrived in one month!), aching hands (thanks to acupuncture, I'm getting healed!) and the NKOTBSB concert (check my story here).

And so, I'm back - both in running and writing.

Although I don't know how to put things together for sharing! :D

Anyway, I was one of the participants who took advantage of the holiday to go to BGC to get my Run United 2 race kit. People, particularly 21K runners, have received their kits as early as 1 P.M. The other runners under the other categories were lined up past 1 P.M. Regular lanes (that's us) opened at 1:30 P.M. These were all earlier than scheduled. The tents were just being built, but all the staff giving the race kits were all up and about. Even Coach Rio dela Cruz was there, checking every box of race kits and all the staff! Talk about a hands on organizer. In a few minutes, I got my race kit. Cool!

I did not take pictures of the expo. I'm giving them the due since the expo starts today. I'm sure the other participants will enjoy the expo that will run until June 16, 2012. Instead, I took a photo of my kit. I'm so ready for Sunday!

My belt is going to my dad, though. :)

Here's the FAQs for the claiming of your Run United 2 race kits!

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