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Rekindle Your Love for Running

Geesh, talk about Valentine's Day...

As I am in the limbo stage of my running life, I chanced upon this article on rekindling one's love for running. It has questions that could help one (I think that's me) think about the reason for losing that connection with running.

Well, I guess running is just like human relationships. Some do get fall out of love, so one has to reflect on what happened.

If you are in the same boat with me, or just want to share a penny of your thought about my "struggling relationship" with running (I think that's a better term), please put it in the comments below.

Would really appreciate it.


  1. Okay, so why are you in a limbo nowadays about running? What caused the limbo?

  2. Hi Anonymous. I was absent from running last year due to injuries. The momentum was gone. So sad. Still trying to get it back. Thanks and God bless!