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Goodbye, Whitney.

Dear Whitney,

It is never too late for a fan to say goodbye.

Just like Michael and Madonna, I grew up listening to your songs.

There were days when I could reach your notes. There were also days when, well, I tried. I would rewind the tape (yes, I lived in the days of the old cassette tapes. I still have them, if you're curious.) and just listen to how you belt it out.

I sang your songs. I watched "The Bodyguard." I smiled when you smiled.

Too bad you were addicted to drugs and not running. Had it been the other way around, maybe this would never have happened.

But still, I join the world in celebrating your voice - and how it inspired me and every one.

I got too many favorite Whitney songs. But since my blog is about running, well, I imagine running towards Kevin Costner on this one.

Goodbye, Whitney.

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