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Holidays, Skin Rash, and my 10K Program

                                                                         Source: via Ann on Pinterest

I started my 10K training program on the last week of November. I was perfect attendance on my weekday runs, while I looked forward to my long Sunday runs.

I told myself that this will be no ordinary training, as the colder mornings and festive mood are my big challenges. Never have I thought that I would give in to two challenges: holiday traffic and a skin breakout.

The horror of me staying up on the road for a few more hours (no kidding) due to holiday rush made me sacrifice (with regret) my two weekday early morning runs the whole week before Christmas. I sadly decided to report early for my work so that I could go home early, too, for one whole week. I realized that if I continued 6 AM weekday runs, I will get into the horrible holiday rush hour when I get home from work. I remembered commuting during that week with heaviness in my heart. With it, I decided that I really need to work from home in the next few months or years (but that’s another story).

Second, I had a strange skin rash that occurred in my both legs. They were red and a bit swollen and super itchy. I went to the doctor and found out that it was due to chemical irritants. I went under medication for a week. I still felt blessed, though, that I only got rashes this year. The last two years, I got flu as my Christmas company. It was not around this time.

I consulted the Runner’s World website and friends on what to do since my I lacked one week training. After reviewing my past weeks of my training program, I’m back to the tracks by Christmas week. Today, I close my 2012 with a 5K (my mom was surprised to see me eating at 5:15 AM. I told her I’ll eat earlier next Sunday for my 8K long run.)

Did I say this 10K training was no ordinary training?

Well, I guess I was not the only one who has experienced such setbacks. We plan on how we run, how far we should go, who we run with (or if we go alone, like in my case), how fast can we go, and how many times should we run. But any plan does not go as planned.

But it we get into the holidays and skin rashes, it does not mean it’s the end of the world.

Here’s my new year’s wish that every runner will get to receive miracles on their every run, and just continue running with a smile just in case things don’t happen their way.

Happy 2013, runners!

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