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TBR Dream Marathon 4 online reservation is on September 1, 2012

                                          Source: via PeñaRUNzi on Pinterest

"You're NEXT!"

My friend Ken, a TBR Dream Marathon 3 finisher (you may check his marathon experience here), sent me that SMS message a few weeks ago. He meant me as the next person who's finally going to erase "finishing a marathon" off her bucket list.

Well, with the rate things are going, I can sadly admit that I'm not yet prepared to go for the long run. So I am just going to pray for the registrants to make it on the September 9 online registration (and they made up their minds 70 times before signing up).

It may not be the time for me to join, but I know someday (and that's going to be soon!), I'd one of the many who will wake up early to make sure I get to sign up. I just hope TBR won't stop giving the Dream Marathon even if she's already a triathlete.

Here are the details from The Bull Runner herself, based from her newsletter (where I'm subscribed):

TBR Dream Marathon is the first and only marathon in the world that caters exclusively to first- and second-time marathon runners.  Now on its fourth year, TBR Dream Marathon provides a unique, intimate, and fun-filled venue for runners hoping to achieve their ultimate marathon goal. In TBR Dream Marathon, every runner who crosses the finish line is a winner.

If you haven't run a marathon yet, then maybe you'd like to join TBR Dream Marathon 2013 on February 24, 2013 at NUVALI, Sta. Rosa, Laguna. 

Here are the 15 reasons why you should join TBR Dream Marathon 2013:

Reservation for only 600 slots in TBR Dream Marathon 2013 will open on SEPT. 1 at exactly 5:00 AM.  This will be on a strict first come, first served basis only.  For our last race, our slots were filled in 9 hours so, if you're thinking of joining, we highly recommend you get up early for this! 

For more info, you may click here:

Go, TBR Dream Marathon Batch 4! I'll be on the 10th (or 20th?)!

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